Leadership Learning Academy…where learning takes flight!

Leadership Learning Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades K-6.  Leadership Learning Academy offers the research-based Project CHILD model to challenge students to become confident learners and leaders.


Leadership Learning Academy offers:

  • An innovative program of instruction
  • Licensed and certified instructors
  • Greater accountability
  • Opportunities for parent involvement


The mission of Leadership Learning Academy is to provide the unique, innovative teaching model of Project CHILD to help achieve a high degree of academic success while developing problem solving skills, independent learners, and future leaders in all our students.


Leadership Learning Academy will use the innovative and unique model of Project CHILD to challenge our students to be confident and independent learners. Our students will learn to inspire others, achieve high academic success, and become personally accountable for themselves and their education; thus helping to lead our future.

What Students Are Saying About Leadership Learning Academy…

“It is different from my old school because I am pushed harder. They encourage me to try to find answers. They have higher than average standards for me. Teachers and parents love it. The staff is very nice, encouraging, and understanding. The teachers help, love, and care for you. Kids have blossomed under Project CHILD.”
-Ethan, 5th Grade

“Project CHILD is a great way to learn. Other schools you just get a worksheet and you do the work. But with Project CHILD you get to have the opportunity to work and learn with other kids. I like to be able to do that because I actually learn better at this school then I have at any other school. I also like this school more than other ones because of the way it runs. I like to have a lot of people who I can help and learn from.”
-Davis, 5th Grade

“We learn by seeing, doing and hearing. We go to three different classes. They are math, writing, and reading. In each of these classes they do Project CHILD stations. We read a task card in the station that gives us directions on what to do. Each station we do focuses on a different way a child learns…We work together as a class so we can learn to work with peers.”
-Kira, 5th Grade

“We are all about being community learners. We don’t just learn from our teachers and our classmates, but they learn from us as well. We use each other’s materials, and become both accountable and responsible for our work. We love the teachers, and they love us. Our school is all about being and acting like leaders. We are confident that we can be leaders and help others along the way. We love our fellow students and will help them to triumph in their struggles. Leadership Learning Academy in my mind is the best school.”
-Emma, 5th Grade

“I am really happy to go to a school like Leadership Learning Academy. I have three awesome teachers who try really hard to teach me in a fun way to learn and remember what I have learned. This school is a little different from what I am used to. My school is very special because how we are taught…we can all become leaders.”
-Curtus, 5th Grade

“We have a brand new building and all the latest innovations and classroom technology. Our school is unique because it is the only one using Project CHILD. We have the best teachers ever! They are always nice to us and give us great lessons. They don’t overload us with homework, which is nice. They give us great information and keep us smiling all day. They also care a lot about how we are doing at home.”
-Kyle, 5th Grade

“Our teachers are teaching way harder things than other schools, because our teachers know we can do the harder work.”
-Bethany, 5th Grade

Leadership Learning Academy

100 W. 2675 N.
Layton, UT 84041

Phone: (801) 593-9552  Fax: (801) 784-5174