In the state of Utah, monies from school trust lands are distributed to every public school through the School LAND Trust Program. Leadership Learning Academy has a School LAND Trust Committee for each campus whose responsibilities include creating and approving the School LAND Trust Plan each year which identify an academic need and a proposed solution using the annual funds. Each campus committee is an advisory body that may be comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators. All School LAND Trust Committee actions and plans are overseen and approved by the Governing Board of Directors. School LAND Trust Committee members are willing volunteers who care about the success of students and overall school improvement and Leadership Learning Academy is grateful for their time and dedication.

The School LAND Trust Committee meetings are open to the public. See Agendas below. Each council will utilize an informal meeting format following a pre-determined agenda and voting procedures will follow Robert’s Rules. For more information about the School LAND Trust Program visit  


March 18, 2019 **Agenda**

Plans, Amendments, Assurances and Reports

2017-2018 Final Report
2018-2019 Plan
2018-2019 Principal Assurances
2018-2019 Final Report
2019-2020 Plan

Committee Members

Member NameEmailRole
Nicole Luceronlucero@llacharter.orgChair (Parent)
Edna Mossemoss@llacharter.orgVice Chair (School Employee)
Heidi BauerleHBauerle@LLAcharter.orgPrincipal / Director
Ayesha Faraniafarani@llacharter.orgParent
Marianna Martinezmmartinez@llacharter.orgParent
Ashley Chavezachavez@llacharter.orgParent